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My first fútbol game… Visca Barça!!!! October 1, 2009

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Going to my first Barça game has definitely been the highlight of my time here so far. I didn’t understand how important fútbol is to Barcelona until I experienced it first hand and saw the pride fans have for their team. This isn’t just a game for Barça fans… it’s who they are.

Here are a few cool facts/things that I learned while attending my first fútbol game:

  • The team is referred to as just Barça.
  • The have a huge jumbo screen by the score bored, but close ups aren’t shown during the game because they’re afraid fans would go crazy in the stands if they saw every call up close.
  • The Camp Nou stadium is so big, there are three different metro stops to get there.
  • Kids are recognized for their talent at a young age and recruited to attend a fútbol school where all they do is train to be the next Barça star. For this reason, universities don’t have organized sports teams.
  • Unlike the U.S., Barca fans don’t eat during the game.  They devote 100 percent of their attention to the game since they don’t want to miss move. They only eat during halftime, that’s when everyone busts out their bocadillos (sandwiches).
  • All the local Catalunya cities have charter busses that are dedicated to just to taking fans to the games (we went to a Tuesday game and the stands were packed).
  • The Barça fútbol team has been around sine 1899!
Visca Barça!

Visca Barça y Gracias Miquel!

Barça Pride

Barça Pride

Cant Del BarcaThe Barcelona Song

Tot el camp . A clamor rises
és un clam . from the pitch

som la gent blau-grana . We’re the blue and claret people
tant se val d´on venim, . Makes no difference where we hail from

si del sud o del nord, . Whether it’s from the south or the north
ara estem d´acord, . Now we all agree

estem d´acord . we all agree,
una bandera ens agermana: . One flag unites us in brotherhood

blau-grana al vent, . Blue and claret flowing in the wind
un crit valent, . One valiant cry

tenim un nom, . We’ve got a name
el sap tothom: . that everyone knows:

Barça! Barça! Baaarça!


8 Responses to “My first fútbol game… Visca Barça!!!!”

  1. mom Says:

    The Barca passion is evident! With that t-shirt you already look like a local!

    Miss you! mom

  2. Vanessa Says:

    That’s what I was going to say!! You look so Barcelona!!!

  3. Tio Mike Says:

    I watch almost all barca games from here, so next time do something crazy so I can spot you…;-)
    have a great time, and your blog is really cool.

  4. Tio Mike Says:

    …by the way the stadium upper decks look like the fans will fall over the field, it looks so upright, and is the team song in french?

  5. Claudia Lancaster Says:

    I am so happy to read about you and about how much fun you’re having in Barcelona (Barce?).

    Sabia un poco sobre lo fanaticos que son los europeos sobre el futbol, pero que mejor manera de confirmarlo que con tus comentarios y tus fotos.

    Un abrazo y muy buena suerte con todo.

  6. mom Says:

    I now want you to tell us about your first week of school!!

    Te quiero muchisimo!


  7. Tia Anarosa Says:

    Hi Dianne,
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time! So happy to see you experiencing new things… such an adventure…. We miss you! Are you learning Catalan?

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