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Thanksgiving in Barcelona… November 30, 2009

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It was hard to spend Thanksgiving away from my family, but I’m definitely thankful for all the new friends I’ve made here. On Thanksgiving day, I was thinking about my family and friends and missing everyone back home. My mouth would salivate every time I thought about all the delicious food I was missing out on. Luckily, My close friends from EADA decided that we had to bring Thanksgiving to Barcelona since they’ve seen it in the movies and wanted to try the all the delicious food.

I sent everyone a list of typical Thanksgiving dishes along with a Web site with recipes and I volunteered to make my favorite dish, stuffing. I was really nervous since I’ve never cooked it before and I was feeling the pressure since I wanted my friends first Thanksgiving to be memorable. The cutest thing is that everyone took their dish really seriously and since pre-made boxed meals don’t exist here, so we all had to make our dish from scratch. After school we went to the grocery stores in search of the ingredients and spent hours making our dishes. We all got together at a friends house with our dishes, set the table and started to chow down. All the food was amazing and everyone was so proud to share their dish since they put so much time and love into the preparation. The stuffing was definitely a hit, the girls were eery to try it at first since it’s something they’ve never tasted before, but they definitely enjoyed it. The only thing that was missing was a turkey (it’s nearly impossible to find one in Spain), but we substituted a chicken which did the trick. We had everything from mashed potatoes to apple pie and ice cream, we for sure had the full Thanksgiving experience.

I had two friends here visiting from home and we all agreed this was one of the most memorable Thanksgivings we’ve ever had. I can’t stop counting my blessings, I’m thankful for my parents who have given me the opportunity to be here, my family and friends who’ve been more than supportive and for all the new friends I’ve made in Barcelona. I am truly blessed.

Thanksgiving dinner before...

Thanksgiving dinner before...

...and after, we devoured it all!

...and after, we devoured it all!


4 Responses to “Thanksgiving in Barcelona…”

  1. Are you in Barcelona on a trip? Or are you studying there? I want to study abroad in Spain, so I’m just wondering…
    I also really want to live and work in Spain after I graduate.

    • dianepadilla Says:

      Hola! Yes, I’m getting my masters in International Marketing at EADA, a private school in Barcelona. I definitely recommend living abroad, it’s an amazing experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Best of luck!

  2. mom and dad Says:

    Thanksgiving without you is not the same; however we know we are with in so many ways. The foods, the celebrations, the importance of connecting and making friends so that you can have a family away from home are examples of all the things that are important to us.

    We too are thankful for you and we are proud of the woman you have become!

    Con mucho amor,
    mami y papi

  3. Anarosa Esteveza Says:

    We missed you here! We are so glad you had a memorable Thanksgiving in Barcelona…. love you, Tia Rosa

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