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Taking the time to “tomar el sol” February 7, 2010

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When I woke up this morning I couldn’t help but smile – even though I’ve been here for over five months, I still can’t believe I did it – I’m really here. Luckily, it was beautiful sunny day out so I called a couple of friends and we roamed the streets of Barcelona without a plan nor purpose, we just walked. I’ve seen most of the tourist attractions and know how to get around the city now, but what I love most is that I can get lost in the small streets and discover all the hidden treasures throughout the city.

On Sunday’s not much is open, all the main stores and supermarkets are closed, yet that doesn’t force people to stay inside. Instead, you see everyone just walking or sitting on the grass “tomando el sol” and enjoying the nice weather. I feel like I can truly breathe here… even though at times it’s hard for me to balance, work, school and other extra curricular activities, the one thing I’ve learned from the Spanish is to take time to just sit and enjoy the present moment…

Park Cituadella

We walked through Park Cituadella, you can't tell in this picture, but there are hundreds of people with their tapas and blankets all over the park. You see everything from people walking on a tightrope to people playing musical instruments with friends singing along next to them... I love how people just take the time to sit and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Concert in the Streets

Behind the Catedral, there's this small corner that has amazing acoustics, there is always someone there singing or playing their musical instruments... I love the free concerts in the streets.

There is always a new plaza to discover and streets to roam, I could live here forever and still discover something new every time... I love how Barcelona never fails to intrigue me.


Holiday Travels: Back to Barcelona! January 21, 2010

After London, Anette traveled back to our favorite city… Barcelona. One of my best friends Vanessa came to visit to spend new years with me and to check out my new home town.

Loving the Christmas decorations

Loving the Christmas decorations!

This year the Barcelona government bought new Christmas lights saying “Merry Christmas” in 15 different languages and they were hung up all over the city. The funny thing is that they forgot to include “Feliz Navidad” or did they? The Spanish government was really mad and accused Barcelona of purposely forgetting to include Spanish since Catalunya is constantly trying to separate themselves from Spain… interesting stuff!

Feliz Navidad?

Feliz Navidad?

Yes, this is Obama and yes, he’s pooping. BUT, before you think this is weird, it’s actually a normal Christmas decoration in the Catalan nativity scene. From what I understand, in Catalunya, they believe that the day Jesus was born was like any other normal day, meaning that there was probably a guy pooping in the bushes on Dec. 25th. For that reason, they always hide El Caganer in their nativity scenes and when you go to a Catalan’s home, the first thing you do is look for el caganer. You can find el caganer in the shape of almost any known celebrity or cartoon, Anette asked me to get her an Obama for her birthday :).

Anette's Birthday present

Anette's Birthday present

We brought in the new year in Plaza Catalunya, everyone gathered in the center of the city with their bottles of Cava and grapes. In Spain, it’s tradition to eat grapes for good luck on new years eve. They start the countdown 12 seconds before midnight and you eat a grape with each sound of the bell.

Bringing in 2010!

Bringing in 2010!

The view from the top of La Catedral de Barcelona

The view from the top of La Catedral de Barcelona

Finally made it inside of Casa Batilo, loved it - definitely worth a visit :)

Finally made it inside Casa Batilo, loved it - definitely worth a visit 🙂