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Halloween in Barcelona! November 1, 2009

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Halloween is celebrated in Spain/Europe, but the difference is that people go for the scary/bloody look and it’s more of an adult holiday, no trick-or-treaters :(. Well, my classmates and I found a Halloween party at hotel Casa Fuster and we all decided to dress up. This year I really wanted to be Minnie Mouse because; 1. I’m obsessed with Disney, 2. I have black tights and yellow shoes and 3. I thought finding Minnie ears, white gloves and a red/white pokadot shirt would be easy – well I was wrong. I found the ears in grey  so I bought a permanent black marker and colored in the ears and luckily I found the white gloves. As for the shirt and bow, I bought the material at a local fabric store along with some safety pins and put my crafty skills to use. Here’s how it turned out:

Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse



















This was a lot of my classmates first time celebrating Halloween – they loved dressing up!