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Brining a little bit of home to Spain… October 27, 2009

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Everyday is a new challenge and at times I miss the convenience of how accessible things are back home, but I’ve been okay and I’ve adjusted. Although, the one thing I haven’t been able to adjust to is the lack of Mexican food in Spain. Finding tortillas, salsa and beans has definitely been a challenge and you definitely can’t find Mexican food at the local grocery stores. Last weekend I went to Corte Ingles, the “one stop shop” here in Spain and splurged on some of the items they had in the international food section (it’s a REALLY small shelf) with typical Mexican food ingredients. Knowing how expensive and inconvenient it is to find these ingredients, I’ve kept them tucked away for a homesick day. Well, last night, was that day – I really missed home and most of all my dads cooking. I decided it was the perfect day to experiment and attempt to make my dad’s famous fajitas. I went to the grocery store to buy some red and green peppers, onions and chicken and I was all set. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t find avocados or sour cream at the super market, but it’s okay, I had the essentials. My roommates all watched me as I cut up all the vegetables, cooked (actually microwaved) the whole chicken, heat up my can of beans and tortillas. I added salt and garlic (the secret dad ingredient to all his cooking) and I was all set, my homemade Mexican dinner was ready. After the first bite, I felt like I was back home. I am comforted knowing that no matter how far away I may be, I can have a little bit of home here in Spain. Dad, you taught me well and I now truly appreciate all the cooking lessons – XOXO!
My fajita dinner - dad style :)

My fajita dinner - dad style 🙂